Have we hit the gem that will improve OpenStreetMap’s completeness

15 07 2008

OpenStreetBugs (http://openstreetbugs.appspot.com) is a wonderful application created by Xavier in Rennes, France which allows us to tag areas in OpenStreetMap which are incorrect, incoherent or incomplete. Its an idea I’ve been talking about since my project began, little did I know that this little gem was around, created about a month ago as can be seen from Xavier’s blog. If we all start to use this app I’m sure it will prove invaluable in our quest to make OSM complete.

Users can annotate OSM in pretty much anyway they want to, others can then come along and discuss the notes. Or even open Potlatch centered on a node or download a GPX dump of the visible nodes to load in JOSM (or in your GPS). With recent updates you can even obtain an RSS geo-feed for an area that you choose and monitor changes.

If OSB does become popular then it can become the one-stop shop for inaccuracies in OSM. People will be able to check how many flags there are in a particular areas and from that get an idea of how complete the map is in that area. It will also act as a guide for avid mappers who don’t know where to start next, just pick the area with lots of incomplete tags. Moreover we can encourage people to participate in the OpenStreetMap project just by visiting OSB and tagging everything they know is incomplete. That way people who feel a little bit frightened by the whole concept of going out mapping can still help improve the map. Perfect!



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18 07 2008

Thanks for your post 🙂

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