New project: Lets use LandSat

10 07 2008

Not sure about the licensing requirements for my beautiful Qgis model (which shows roughly which areas of the UK are complete and which incomplete) so I don’t think I can publish the full results from that yet. Essentially though I have found that there is a strong correlation between the length of road in a particular area and the population in that area, its good enough to accurately predict the length of road there should be in an area and compare that to OSM road length. But enough about that project for now, hopefully soon I will publish all my findings.

So instead its onwards and upwards to a new project which was inspired by the view of the Osmarender layer on OpenStreetMap, shown below. It is clear to see that there are vast areas in Asia and South America, where there is no OpenStreetMap data, the question is whether there is actually nothing there or OSM is just missing cities, roads etc. I plan to find out using open source aerial imagery.

The plan is to use LandSat and other forms of freey available imagery to work out where there should be cities and roads and where there shouldn’t be. Then take this information and compare to OSM. Easier said than done, I’m sure but it wouldn’t be a project if it wasn’t challenging. So below is a LandSat image of London and to the North, which I have applied a Yellow Contrast Gradient Map to, using GIMP. As you can see it emphases cities and rural areas quite well and I’m sure this is the starting point to predicting accurately where there should be OSM data.



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10 07 2008

Nicely done ๐Ÿ™‚ Here’s an image showing recent edit activity in roughly the same area: london_20080710.png. I tried to overlay them, but apparently we use a slightly different projection (I use the same one as is used for the tile servers), so that didn’t work well.

10 07 2008

An overlay would be awesome to see. We could then flag up areas where there are towns and cities that arent well covered OSM and also don’t have any edit activity. Then we’d know exactly where to stream our efforts of promoting mapping.

Thanks for checking out my blog btw and keep me posted with any further ideas you have.

20 07 2008

Yes, it’s been quite lacking down under. We’re Locked out by 2 or 3 huge mappers, like MapLink, Geograph and sweatshops.

I’ve been working on GIS (mainly for tracking) through the country and seriously, those guys are so completely disturbingly clueless on it, it’s hard to believe. There are a few mid sized shops creating craptastic abominations, again and again, it hurts my balls.

Right now I think we have around 6 OSMs in Sรฃo Paulo (IMHO respectably covered), 2 folks em Minas Gerais and I’m closing in on a gig with a redneck computer company in Minas as they are getting the job of mapping a big ass area over there… using OSM ๐Ÿ™‚

You should come for a ride! Drinks on me ๐Ÿ˜‰

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